My artilces in Chakmak about home-cooked natural colors for painting.

  Friends, Chakmak, the children's magazine published by Eklavya, Bhopal has very kindly allowed me to use the following links for my blog. If you click open the following articles you will get detailed methods of home-cooking colors for your painting. There are more articles, you will find them online, but you could request me for more.



I'll soon paste links to the various articles I wrote on making natural colors for painting and which have been published in 
CHAKMAK, a Bhopal based magazine for children.

Painting with natural colors

Friends,  I'm going to begin this blog by making a few entries later this month about painting with natural colors. Sanjeev Bothra has very kindly digitalized the diary in which I've been documenting my experiments.You will find entries about pomegranate shells, turmeric, hibiscus flowers, neem leaves and so on. I'm not a blogger yet, am higly self-conscious at present, but I might get there little by little.

Readers of the magazine CHAKMAK published by Eklavya, Bhopal are familiar with what I've been up to these last few years in this field. I exhibited some of my paintings made with pure pigments and natural colors in Jaipur, Nov 2010, and which is where I met Sanjeev, who being another green soul, instantly helped me  share these experiments with those who use the internet and are inclined to add to their repertoire of earth-friendly colors. Hopefully, we'll all learn together if we get talking about these beautiful non-violent zero-garbage colors. I'm looking forward to many new ways of cooking and brewing colors when we begin to connect with those passionately interested in the subject.